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Where were you born?  Defiance, OH

Favorite Color? Blue

Favorite cartoon? Bugs Bunny

Is that your real hair color? Kind of.. natural brunette :)

What is one thing you are most proud of? My chippery attitude!

Turn-offs? "men" who cant choose just one woman, overly cocky, and ugly personality

Turn-ons?  great smile, eyes, and bod ;).. and can make me laugh 

What’s the thing you like most (so far) about being Rock Girl? All the awesome people I have had a pleasure of meeting!

Name the TWO Rock bands you have to meet during your time as 98.9 The Bears’ Rock Girl:Five Finger Death Punch and Social Distortion

Beer or girly drink? Def. beer girl right here!

What type of movies do you like? Action and Comedy

What is your favorite holiday? Halloween

Describe your perfect date, start to finish: Picks me up ( on time ) and takes me somewhere simple and pays of course! Just a place where i can have fun and be myself! I am not a prissy, expensive date kind of gal!

Any pets? nope not at the moment!

Please take a minute to write a quick “I love you” note to your sponsors: 

Thanks to all my sponsors for everything you are accomodating me with! It's been awesome so far, and I am excited to see what all is yet in store! I really cannot thank you enough! LOVE YOU!! :)

Hey I'm Shelyce
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