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Are you really Mexican?

Yes. As Mexican as Taco Bell.

Back in 09' they asked me to come do the afternoon show here at the Bear. I worked at some other awesome rock stations before moving to Fort Wayne where I snagged my wife. (A runner up for the Rock Girl contest) So I guess my man bits AND my heart owes a debt of gratitude to the good people of NE Indiana. There is no place I would rather be. Bear fans are the loudest, proudest, and the most giving of any other place I have ever lived. Every year I put on the “Bear Cares for MDA” show. I lost my sister in 08' to MD. What better way to honor her than help send other kids to summer camp that are effected by Muscle Disease than to throw a kick ass rock show? Thank you for inviting me into your life every weekday. I am honored to be your companion on the way home. I enjoy telling you about my life, but it’s always great to have YOU as part of the show. So, don't be shy, call me up and give your opinion on rock, beer, babes, how bad the Dallas Cowboys suck, or whatever YOU want to talk about. Cheers!

Heather's Bio
Growing up in a small town, I knew there was more to life than what I grew up knowing. As a kid, I would record my own radio show. Even during my Girl Scout days I hosted "Horny Talk". We told our troop leader it was about the boys we had crushes on! Ha!
My life is an open book. I've been through a lot and always come out standing. I say it's because I'm too stubborn to fail! Life is too short to be scared of a new adventure.
John The Mexican and I first met in in '08 where we started a new morning show. He left to come here to Fort Wayne and man was I pissed at him! We had a good thing going! Little did I know, we would be brought together again to share our crazy lives with you! Join the show and share your life with us! We don't judge, we're just as messed up!
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