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My journey started in a galaxy far, far away. One Jack Daniel’s fueled night, with Durex condom in hand, my parents found a Motel 6. And, oops! As a kid, I wanted to be a police officer, fast forward some years & being an intake officer at a jail. I quickly realized, that was the dumbest thing I ever thought of. So after a hand full of meaningless jobs, I ventured into the 2nd dumbest move of my life, Radio! I have no formal education(actually dropped out of high school)and I started my radio career as a punching bag. After countless punches & proving myself to the higher ups, I managed to do every radio show time slot possible. Throughout the course of my radio career, I have been the most Fired/Re-Hired/Suspended on air personality of 98.9 The Bear. I am currently your night host on 98.9 The Bear, stayed tuned, that might change…
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