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Created by on 9/28/2012 12:41:03 PM

I have been living at The Grove now since the middle of August, and it is great. I really like that the apartment comes fully furnished. All of the furniture is great, it fits with all of my decor. My living room is actually a safari theme, so the colors went together very well. When they say they have hip furniture, it is very true. When I think of fully furnished, I think of out to date furniture that I would never have in my apartment. I was wrong. The Grove's furniture is actually things I would buy to put in my apartment. Since I moved in closer to the end of August, and was busy with work, I didn't get to enjoy the pool very much. The Grove was awesome though, because they allowed me to do one of my photo shoots in their pool area (which is amazing). The photos came out great!  I love the fact that The Grove is animal friendly. I see so many four-legged friends around. I wanted some company while living here for the year, that I let one of my cats move in with me. He loves the space! All of their staff has been very friendly, and helpful. I really appreciated that since I am new here and was not very sure on my way around. They really helped me settle in. Check them out if you are looking for an apartment. One of the great things about The Grove is that the rooms are very private. You have your own personal bathroom and walk-in closet (which is a huge plus for most ladies), and the bedroom doors lock. Not saying that your roommate isn't trustworthy, but it is just nice to know that your personal belongings is protected.


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