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Created by john on 4/26/2011 1:16:11 PM

Most of the fights I got into in High School and Middle School were because I was taking up for her.  Children can be so cruel.  Not only was my sister having to deal with the reality of her own mortality WAY before any kid should, but then she had to deal with the abuse at school.  Not all kids were mean, there were helpful and giving souls a long the way that made Brandie feel at least sometimes like she was a normal kid. 

She lost her smile at 2.  My Mom knew something was wrong but the Doctors couldn't pin point what it was that she was suffering from.  One doctor even made the crazy assumption that she was doing it for attention.

She played t-ball, but the disease caught up with her and it took away her ability to run.  It eventually took away her legs all together and so she was confined to a wheel chair.  That still couldn't take away her spunk and zeal for life.  She would play cards with us grown ups, and had her first drink with her Brother and Dad on her 21st birthday.  (Even though she hated drinking.)  She was in a bowling league, graduated High School, and went on to help kids that had her same disease at camp.  I never heard her complain.

She tried to live a normal life, she was on Myspace and in chat rooms and every once and a while my parents had to run some over zealous pervert off of our property for trying to meet the girl he met in the chat room.  She wanted to be a Mom, she wanted to live a normnal life, and you know what?  She did.  She went with me to see Tommy Lee play live in Little Rock, we had VIP seats thanks to the folks at the Rumba Room.  She went with us on vacation to Disney World and rode all the rides they would let her on and some they wouldn't.  She was my sister, and I miss her every day.

Brandie passed away Feb. 28th 2008.  Her heart had finally given out.  The disease that tried to hold her back her whole life finally caught up with her.  The Doctor's told us she wouldn't live to see her graduation.  Boy, were they wrong.  Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself in my life all I have to do is think of Brandie and then I understand that whatever it is that is bothering me is just not that bad.

Brandie had a spirit that never gave up.  Her one real joy in life was attending summer camp that MDA provided.  It costs 800 bucks to send one kid to camp for the summer.  It really does make their year... she would ALWAYS go on and on about what happened at camp.  Cheap price to pay for putting a smile on a kids face that can only smile on the inside.

Please donate what you can, and thank you for reading her story.  I have never talked publicly about it but I thought now was the time to share.



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