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Turner Watson: 2/5 Stars
Wow. Loads of carbonation. Maybe TOO fizzy; the big, foamy head almost ran out of my pint glass! After it settled, I was greeted by a nice, somewhat cloudy, golden lager. The overall experience, however, was fairly lackluster. It's a decent wheat ale, I suppose, but with a name like "Leprechaun Lager" I was just expecting...more. Of course, it's entirely possible that since this brewer hails from South Bend, the name is simply a nod to Notre Dame's famous mascot. Fine. Maybe Manti's girlfriend would like it better than I did.
John The Mexican:2/5 Stars
It said Lager, and I immediately thought that I would like this one, what a disappointment. First the head took up half the glass. And it was slightly skunky. Skunk is good in the things you smoke, not so much in the beer you drink. Woke up the next day to my glass and it still had foam lines on the side dried up on the glass... weird. I'm sure someone out there really digs this beer, just not me.
Barry Thickk: 1.75/5 Stars
Great for St. Patty's day celebrations after all the good beer is drank. Yeah, I'm a big fan of lager beer. Come to think of it, Lager is my favorite beer of all time. This beer does not fall in that category. At.All.

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