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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
Fall is known for more than pumpkins. This is the time of year when apple cider and apple-related flavors pop up in candles and candy...and beers. Stella Artois has exploded in the last five years and now they're stretching their legs a bit with this apple stuff. It's not bad (for a cider) and reminds me a bit of Redd's Apple Ale, with a crispness and bite, but less sugary than many cider drinks. There's a dryness to this concoction and a pleasant finish. Not something I'm going to drink regularly, but a nice distraction. Try it when you want something different.
John The Mexican:3/5 Stars
Had a sip then my wife drank the rest. I feel like I should get use to this whole marriage thing. The sip I had was tasty though.
Barry Thickk: .001/5 Stars
Ahh Cider Beer.... NOPE! I've never been a fan of cider beer & this didn't change my opinion in anyway shape or form. It's apple juice with quote "alcohol" in it.... I'm 36, not 16 and stealing this from my mother's cabinet.

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