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Turner Watson: 5/5 Stars
Hoo-boy, was I looking forward to this. Sierra Nevada has been one of the Gold Standards of IPA brewing for years. But a "Red" IPA? Looks red. SMELLS red (if that makes any sense.) The head is nice and foamy, like am oatmeal stout. And the taste? Everything I'd hoped for. The trademark hops are there, but cut back a bit by the sweetness of the malts. A bit of caramel and barley wage a war of awesomeness with the hops and bitters. IPA fans and amber lager fans shouldn't miss it.
John TheMexican:2/5 Stars
IPA's are IPA's as far as I am concerned. I am not a fan. This one did nothing for me. But then again it is very rare that I do dig an IPA. It was a little more full bodied than other IPA's. I could have drank it with a spoon. So there is that.
Barry Thickk: 0/5 Stars
Lord, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, Another IPAss except this one was red... whoopdy doo!

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