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Created by on 10/7/2013 2:15:39 PM

Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
Seems like we get more ales, porters, and stouts than straightforward lagers, but this here brew fits the bill nicely. Nice golden amber color, rich hop characteristics, full-bodied without being too heavy. A good all-around beer, and a nice change form the darker, spicier brews we get this time of year.
John TheMexican:4/5 Stars
I am a big fan of lagers, and this one was awesome in a bottle! Nice finish and light hoppy freshness at first taste. Check this one out if you are getting burned on all the pumpkin flavored beers.
Barry Thickk: 3/5 Stars
Taste is slightly sweet up front followed by a little bit of hoppiness. A little pilsner-like in the finish. Because of the "lager" label it wasn't what I thought it would be. Not a bad beer but kinda like a hyped up domestic beer.

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