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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
Ooo, mama! THAT is a pumpkin ale! And let's be clear: there are Pumpkin Flavored Ales and there are Ales With a Hint Of Pumpkin...and there are Pumpkin Ales. This is the later. Seriously, it's like drinking a batch of warm pumpkin bread. Your grandmother and Charlie Brown would fight over this beer. It's sweet, it's malty, it's pumpkin. Fans of this seasonal flavoring shouldn't miss it. .
John TheMexican:5/5 Stars
Ok, now that the weather has turned a bit I am in the mood for some Pumkin' stuff! And this one hit the nail on the head! Perfect fall beer, drink 6 while cutting your pumpkin just be sure to not cut your thumb or other limbs off. Must try!
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
The pumpkin assault is in full swing. Crisp, and clean, creamy and lush without being anywhere close to boozy, in fact you can barely tell the 8% is there. This beer will get you Fuct up! Thank You pumpkin gods!

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