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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
Craft beer enthusiasts know the name Anchor Steam, and for good reason. The amber-colored legend has been a fave for a while now. Enter Anchor California Lager. This is supposedly a recreation of an old 1800's recipe or some such (there's a lot of this revival stuff going on. I blame Mumford & Sons) and you can tell. It takes a few sips to really grab you, and it's such a unique flavor that you're not sure if you like it at first. Give it time. It's a classic lager, which means it's not overly hoppy, but you can taste the barley like it just came out of the field. It's almost a green taste like new wine or grass clippings but a bit of malt on top. I'd like to try this brew with a decent meal, like a medium steak. If you're looking for something different, don't miss it.
John TheMexican:5/5 Stars
Oh man, this one is the business! Says it is a replica of the first beer they made at the first brewery in California. The old 9er's would be proud of this selection. Easily one of my favorites over the last month. Grab yourself a sixer of this clean finishing, refreshing Lager!
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
I would of liked to taste the beer that this was modeled off of back in the day. Other than that though, this was a tasty, tasty beer. Tastes are fresh & crisp, hints of grass, cereal gain and a touch of citrus (lemon) Surprisingly full bodied. Great lager to enjoy if you pick one or twelve up at Belmont Beverage. Put the IPAss back on the shelf.

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