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Turner Watson: 3/5 Stars
Hoo-boy. Another fruity beer, and raspberry at that. Here’s something you might not know about me: I really dislike raspberry. The flavor. Even blue raspberry (which makes no damned sense to me) laves me with a bad taste in mouth (yes, I did that on purpose.) That being said, this brew goes light on the raspberry flavor. So much so that I couldn’t really tell what flavor it was supposed to be. I knew it was some sort of light fruity flavor, almost citrusy, and it actually worked pretty well with the wheat-beer texture. Very light. I guess this is what a good summertime beer tastes like.
John TheMexican:INCOMPLETE Stars
My dumb ass broke this bottle opening my door. Now my carport smells like beer. And it makes me thirsty. *sad face.
Barry Thickk: 0/5 Stars
Yup, Nope! Don't get me wrong I like raspberry. Raspberry ice tea is delish but that's ice tea & not beer. I can only handle my beer being so fruity. This was just to over powering for my taste in beer... I still say pick up a 6 pack for your lady friend, it will work out in dividend's later in your favor.

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