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Created by on 6/26/2013 2:11:31 PM

Turner Watson: 5/5 Stars
Delicious. Gods, but this is a great beer and an amazing IPA. Hops and malts right outta the gate. A hint of something flowery. A touch of caramel. Smoothness and depth. Rich body and taste but not TOO thick and heavy. Amber color, and perfect aftertaste. Well done. Possibly the perfect IPA.
John TheMexican:3/5 Stars
Maybe I am starting to get the hang of these IPA's after all. Still not as good as the selections last week, but I can at least start to appreciate them. I tasted a hint of something flowery. Not too overly hoppy. I dig it.
Barry Thickk: INCOMPLETE/5 Stars
If you've been reading these blogs then I'm certain you know how my taste buds react to IPAss.

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