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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
Blueberry is the new lemon. They're seriously putting it in every summertime brew that isn't a shandy. The good news is that this one isn't super-sweet. In fact, this is the first of these brews where the blueberry actually tastes more like a subtle aftertaste than a primary feature. It's quite nice! A bit of malt, some hops...and a fruity little finish.
John TheMexican:INCOMPLETE: Stars
Turner is the smartest man I know! I am jack's jealous rage!
Barry Thickk: 3/5 Stars
Ok, this is way better than the only other blueberry beer I've tried. Plenty of blueberry in the smell(which reminded me of a blueberry pop-tart)and the first taste... but you get the wheatiness in there also. This might now be to bad on a hot hot summer day.

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