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Turner Watson: 3.5/5 Stars
I try to go into these fruity concoctions with an open mind, especially as more and more brewers are throwing citrusy flavors into their summertime selections. This is hard to do, as I don't generally LIKE fruity stuff in my beer. (Although ironically, I like a wedge of lime in my Negra Modelo.) This offering is a "honey blueberry" ale. And it's okay! I was impressed that even with the combination of honey and blueberry, it wasn't OVERLY sweet. Probably doesn't hurt that I actually enjoy blueberry-flavored things, so this was in my wheelhouse. It's also entirely possible that the honey actually mutes the blueberry a bit. This is not as girly a beer as I'd feared, and had decent body to it. Overall, a solid effort.
John TheMexican:3/5 Stars
THE SHNOZBERRIES TASTE LIKE SHNOZBERRIES! That is all I kept thinking on as I sipped this beer. That and Veruca Salt, the chick that turned into a blueberry on Willie Wonka. If you like Blueberries go for it, it was kind of overpowering form me but I nice change up to my beer rotation!
Barry Thickk: 1/5 Stars
If Willy Wonka were real, he would beat the crap outta the person who invented this beer. Holy BLUEBERRY!!!!!! This first swing wasn't that bad then the flood gates opened & I tasted nothing but blueberry. If you are a fruit beer type of person, then you will love this beer & have children with it.

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