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Turner Watson: 2.5/5 Stars
Here we go. Full disclosure: I HATE PEACH. The flavor. I really have no opinion about the Princess. I'm also not a huge fan of fruity beers. But in the interest of science, I'm going to drink this. Aaaaaand...well...okay. Good news: it's not terrible. The dry sort of wheat beer texture sort of mutes the peach flavor. It's more like the slight lemony flavor you get from beers that include lemongrass. Subtle. So, while it certainly isn't my favorite beer, it's far from bad. In fact, if you like peaches and beer, this one might be your new favorite.
John TheMexican:1/5 Stars
Yeah, I hate peach so it is really not fair for me to judge this beer. I had a couple sips but passed in on to Stamos. Who snorted it... kids.
Barry Thickk: 1/5 Stars
I love peach, I love the woman's peach, but this is a entirely different story. The aroma is straight-forward wheat, malt, and MASSIVE peach. It did funny things with my mouth(In a Non good way) Not a great beer by any means, but it was a welcomed beverage to help cut the intense heat that my loins were going through...You see, because I didn't like in my mouth, so I thought Id give it to my junk.

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