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Turner Watson: 2.5/5 Stars
Ahhhhhh! Summertime! FINALLY! Almost, anyway. This is the time of year when any brewer worth their salt whips out a summer lager or ale or shandy or whatever. the Shlafly boys out of St. Louis have decided to have a go at it, so let's see how they did. For starters, it's not too lemony. That's good. I dislike beers that taste like someone dropped a Lemonhead or a scoop of Country Time in 'em. However, this beer really doesn't have much of anything else, either. Not much body, not much aftertaste, hardly any malt or hops. It's like someone squeezed a drop of Mio Lemon flavoring into a Michelob. (Actually, as I type this, it doesn't sound half bad!) I guess the point is that this isn't a bad beer, but up against the Canoe Paddlers, Summer Shandy's, Oberons, Landsharks, etc. it falls well behind.
John TheMexican:0/5 Stars
Im giving this beer a incomplete because I dont remember drinking it. Somebody hold me!
Barry Thickk: 2/5 Stars
Summer beer's are so inviting, So good to take off your pants. Let your naughty parts soak up the sun & be bliss. This beer on the other hand doesnt really offer that summer beer flavor you're looking for. If you like Miller Lite in crafted beer bottle then this beer is right up your ally. I did take off my pants while drinking this beer but it was night #Sadface

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