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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
Well, the other Kona beer this week sort of tasted like a pale ale...and this one really IS a pale ale! A damn tasty one, at that. Warm caramel mixed with rich, roasty hops. It's full-bodied, and honestly I think it borders on almost too rich. A few of these would make me feel full, I'm afraid...but one or two is just dandy. A tasty, tasty brew.
John TheMexican:3/5 Stars
Where is this magical Kona place you speak of? This was an IPA I didn't hate!!! I didn't love it, mind you, I drank the whole damn thing. I don't throw even bad beer away. Party foul. Not bad, I would fork over my first born for a sixer of the other Kona beer we tried!
Barry Thickk: 1/5 Stars
Ohhh Kona we had such a good thing going with the brown ale, then you went out & cheated on me with the TOO much hops slut down the street. I only gave you rating bc at least you had alcohol in you.

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