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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
I think I speak for everyone when I say BRING ON WARM WEATHER!! So I was really stoked to try this week's beers from the Kona Brewing Company. Hey, beer from Hawaii can't be all bad, right?This one in particular boasted that it was made with real toasted coconut. But if you're expecting a Pina Colada-style vacation drink with an umbrella in it, look elsewhere. This one is more like a light pale ale, with the hoppy finish that ale lovers prefer...but with a very unique, nutty (yes, COCOnutty) flavor underneath. It does taste a bit exotic and rare, but not frighteningly so. Very nice. Throw a couple of these bad boys in with your Landsharks and Coronas and pretend it's summer already!
John TheMexican:4/5 Stars
Bust out the flip flops and lets party naked!!! Kids pay no attention to Uncle Johns shlong! Oh man, this was MIGH-T-FINE! Like the barber shop in Coming to America. Only without Arsenio Hall. It was delicious, no filler. I would legally change my last name to Kona for this beer. You owe it to your mankind to go to Belmont and buy a 6'er of this righteous beer immediately! Amen.
Barry Thickk: 4/5 Stars
You tell me "Kona" I instantly think of a woman's chest, so I was excited to drink this beer(side note: I drank this beer naked) Never been to Hawaii but holy Toledo they can brew some good beer. The smell is nice but weak. The tastes is obviously sweet, with vanilla, chocolate. Im not a huge fan of coconut but it was very underneath type of thing. Gave it a nice flare to ale-style of beer. Think warm weather, grab a 6er' & get your mind in the state of summer.

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