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Turner Watson: 2/5 Stars
So-called Irish Reds (like Killians or Murphy's) are hit-or-miss for me. They're often bitter and tangy and not worth the hassle (and cost.) But, hey...we just had us an Irish holiday, so let's give this a swallow. Well, here's he good news: it isn't very bitter and it's fairly dry. Sadly,'s not very flavorful, either. Not watery...not bitter...but not delicious, either. Just...meh.
John TheMexican:INCOMPLETE/5 Stars
Yeah, so this is the beer I drank at some point Sunday afternoon. I don't really remember. Sorry. I give this one an incomplete because my liquor infested noodle will not allow me to remember drinking it! DAMN YOU ST. PATRICK!
Barry Thickk: 3/5 Stars
I had some good Irish Red(s) over the weekend so this had the chips stacked against it from the get go. Poured it into a glass to drink, This beer was malt dominant with light hops and medium bitterness with a dry finish. Aroma had the caramel, toasted malt to it. My fear is that you could get the same if not better from a less expensive beer(Killian's or what not).

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