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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
And here we go. This one's been circled on my calendar for a while. Shiner is a pretty big name in the microbrew community. Tried and true. Legendary, even, primarily for this very beer. But how does it hold up against some of the downright amazing beers we've sampled here? Pretty good, as it turns out. But be advised: it's not as rich and flavorful as some of the more robust brews we've had, and not as much body as the stouts and porters. But it is dry and crisp and almost European. It'd go very well with some grilled brats or a deep dish pizza. A classic, as well as a nice change of pace .
John TheMexican:10/5 Stars: This is the beer I grew up drinking in Austin, Texas. We would for real, get kegs of this beer for 50 bucks a keg in my college days. How strange would it be to already have a 12 pack of this in the fridge when we got this to try out? It was a 13 pack, and now is gone. Looking for donations to replenish my Shiner supply. Seriously GOOD beer!
Barry Thickk: 5/5 Stars
AHHHHHH, the Legendary Shiner Bock!! Bock beer overall just speaks to me, give me all the robust, give me all the rich caramel flavor, give me all the sweet malt character & paint me HAPPY! Is there any way that we can make this beer into something solid so I can make sweet love to it with my member?

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