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Turner Watson: 4/5 Stars
I like surprises. And this was a nice surprise. I think I was expecting something bitter and overwhelming. Instead, I got to enjoy a nice, smooth, rich stout with excellent coffee flavor...but more Starbucks and less "leftover three-in-the-afternoon breakroom" coffee. There's also a hint of dark chocolate in this one and some roasted barley and a faint nuttiness that any good stout MUST have, in my book. There are hops, malts, etc. in good measure, but overall a very nice, well-balanced and bodied stout.
John TheMexican:0/5 Stars
Barry Thickk: 3/5 Stars
I was looking forward to this beer because of two reasons, 1. I like Beer 2. I like coffee The first drink made my taste buds bi-polar, wasn't really sure what I was tasting, was this the first installment of the Colombian government take over?? Then I looked at the label, its ok, its from St. Louis. Crisis averted. By the time I was half way through it, it hit me... this is Stout beer with a shot of espresso! Good rich smell & taste, didn't really ever get that chocolate flavor but definitely tasted the barley & coffee flavor. It did remind me of a weaker version of an Irish Car Bomb.(google it)

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