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Turner Watson: 1/5 Stars
Another IPA, huh? Okay. I wondered going in if thisone wou-GAHHH!!! HOPS!! HOPS, TRYING TO KILL ME!! Man, I like a good IPA as much as the next guy, but know that movie "The Thing?" (the good Kurt Russell one?) This alien monster kills folks off then assumes their identity. Looks like the real deal, sounds like the real deal...but it ain't. That's what I fear has happened to this beer. A regular IPA got caught by this alien thing and drained of its very essence, leaving behind only the bitter, hoppy shell without the balance of good, rich, flavorful malts or spices. I only hope we can stop this thing, kill it...before it gets to the stouts...or, God help us...the Smirnoff Ice!
John TheMexican:4/5 Stars
Did someone say I.P.YAY? I don't meant to beat a dead horse here but I don't care much for IPA's. This one however, was drinkable. Not too overpowering and had a nice smooth finish. Give me another... hell give me 5!
Barry Thickk: .0000001/5 Stars
hey look everybody, another IPA... I have a feeling Belmont Beverage want to make sure my urine is nothing but hops. IPA's will be the death of me.

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