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Turner Watson: 3.5/5 Stars
I LOVED their Magnificent Amber, so I was excited to see what Indianapolis-Based Triton Brewery did with stout. It's good. A really decent stout, escpecially for an old-school, non-widget bottle.I didn't detect a whole lot of spice, but there's a black currant flavor hiding underneath the malt. Weird...I would never, ever go to the store and pick up a bag (I'm guessing they come in bags) of black currants, but I dig 'em in wines and beers. huh. Anyway, good stuff, like I said. It's juuuuust shy of the greatness I found in the Amber beer, but enough to get me all excited and damp in the britches for the next Triton offering.
John TheMexican:2.5/5 This one was pretty good. By now I can tell my taste in these craft beers are starting to change a bit. I can certainly tell what I like in a good craft beer. This one had the right mixture of everything for me. A little too bitter for my liking on first taste but that changed by the time I got to the bottom of the bottle. It reminded me a lot of a Honey Brown to be honest. I dug it, enjoyed it once. But probably wouldn't by a sixer.
Barry Thickk: 2/5 Stars
This was a middle of the road stout for my taste buds. It had the body & spice, descent malty flavors but after having Magnificent Amber a while back I think I might be ruined on ALL stout beers. But on the other hand, I'm cheap & don't really have any morals... so bring on the beer's.

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