Intern at 98.9 The Bear - Fort Wayne's Rock Station!
Are you interested in interning at 98.9 The Bear?!  Hell, it could be your big break! Interns get paid pennies and they have to do a lot of crappy stuff, but jeez – it’s show biz!  The glamour more than makes up for the lack of compensation for an honest days work!  E-mail your resume, your current work / school schedule, and preferred semester (spring/fall/summer) to Sally Allgeier: College Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to apply!


Federated Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Integrated Sales Consultant

Federated Media | Federated Digital Solutions | Federated Entertainment


This job might be right for you if:

• You find yourself starting before 8:30 and working past 5:30 simply because you love to work

• You have strong organizational skills and rarely make mistakes

• You enjoy listening to people tell you about their challenges and you want to figure out the problem

• You catch on to things quickly and spot opportunities that others miss

• You can’t help but get people to see the benefits in what you do

• You especially enjoy closing large opportunities

• You have strong business acumen

• You always seem to be able to make something that is complex seem simple when explaining it to others

• You enjoy working collaboratively but also thrive when working independently

• You push yourself to set and reach challenging goals

• You are resilient and optimistic in the tough times

You might have the experience you need if:

• You have prior success selling business services to senior level management in companies that focus on b2b

• You have a track record of identifying and closing large opportunities

• You have read at least 1 business, marketing or sales book in the last 12 months and enjoy constantly learning

• You have experience with consulting, business services, Marketing, Media, Analytics, Optimization, New Technology, SEM/SEO, Social Media selling and Lead Follow Up

Compensation: Competitive compensation with salary plus commission.

Location: Northeast Indiana

Status: Full-time with benefits

If you feel you are the right person for this exciting sales opportunity and you are up for the challenge then please reach out to Shelly Steckler via email at